Pet Parakeet Care: Is This the Right Bird For You?

Budgie or parakeet can bite and be temperamental depending on their surroundings and how you handle them as the smallest member of the cockatoo family, parakeet birds are some of the most popular pet birds in the world. This means that if you have grabby children that like to pull tails or squeeze birds, the parakeet may not be the best choice for a pet.

On the other hand, parakeet birds don't require as much attention as larger members of the cockatoo family, thus they would be a good pet if you work long hours and are away from the home for a majority of the day. A sad parakeet is an unhealthy parakeet because they tend to stop eating and drinking and plucking away at their feathers - none of which are beneficial behaviors.

The budgerigar (budgie) is a small native Australian bird that is often referred to in other countries as a parakeet. However, they make up for their diminutive size through their intelligence. You can very quickly tame a new pet budgie bird, especially if you hand feed them from the day that they are brought into your house.

Both the males and females of the species can talk; but, in general, your better bet is to buy a male budgie bird if you want to increase the chances of getting one that does. It is difficult to tell the two sexes apart when budgerigars are young but as they grow older the color of the area surrounding its nostrils on its beak will change color - blue in males, brown in females. However, there is a chance that this method of sexing your budgie is not reliable because of the different color variations exhibited by different budgies.