Pet Parakeet Care: Stop Parakeet From Screaming

Ways to Handle Your Pet With Care

If you have set your eyes on parakeets to be your pets, you are making a good choice because these are known as intelligent and beautiful animals. You must make sure though that you know the basic things about caring and how to stop parakeet from screaming before you proceed with the purchase. You may want to enjoy the bird as your pet, but you also have to consider the people living with you or near your house. These birds' natural behavior is to scream when they were still living on their original habitat. They do such act in order to call the attention of other birds and as their means of communicating with their own kinds.

There are various things that you must learn more about aside from how to stop parakeet from screaming. If you will be able to be good to your pet, they will definitely reward that with good behavior and may even abide most of the things that you tell them to do. If this is going to happen, you will have fewer problems with their attitude. You will also be able to enjoy their company and be proud that you are the owner.

Here are some basic ideas about proper caring for the birds in order to keep them satisfied and to limit the times that they will resort to making loud noises.

1. You must find time to bond with them or teach your birds some tricks that you want them to follow. This is your opportunity to be close with the bird. This is your chance to start introducing your role as their owner.

2. Make sure that the bird is comfortable in the cage that you have chosen for them. Get the kind of cage that is intended for small birds with cage bars that have narrow gaps. The larger the cage, the better it will be so that the bird will have enough room to move about and open their wings fully. Choose the one that has a swing. It is also advisable to get something with at least two perches. You can attach a cuttlebone on the side of your bird's cage where it can trim its beak whenever it wants to.

3. Your must make sure that you give your bird right amount of food and drink everyday. They will resort to making noises if they get hungry, so make sure that you handle the matter properly. You can buy a good mixture of seeds that are intended for these birds and you can give them with supplements like vitamin drops and bird gravel that can be bought in most pet stores.

4. You have to understand that they get frightened easily. You have to handle them with care and you have to be gentle whenever you try to approach and touch them. Do not make sudden movements and avoid unnecessary noises whenever you are handling your pet. You must be very careful, especially during the first few days that you have brought the bird home. This way, you will be able to gain their trust and you may also succeed to stop parakeet from screaming after some time.


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